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December 2017

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Stop Emotional Eating Patterns By Learning New Habits

You feel stressed out. You are bored. Or you are angry at your spouse. So you walk a short distance to the fridge, swing open the door and look for a solution. Is it the leftover tapioca pudding? A slab of last night’s lasagna? That pint of premium ice cream in the freezer?

Do You Really Need to Eat Breakfast Every Day? —Subscribers Only

You have probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In part, this is because some research suggests that eating a daily breakfast may help you to maintain a healthy weight or, if you are overweight, lose some pounds and keep them off. The research is not definitive on the question of breakfast and weight control, but breakfast has another important potential benefit.

Healthy Processed Foods —Subscribers Only

Supermarkets contain a large number of processed foods. Consumers frequently get messages in the health media that seem to equate “processed” with “unhealthy,” but the truth is more complex.

Ask Tufts Experts

Are Diet Drinks with Artificial Sweeteners Bad For You?

I drink at least several cold beverages every day made with artificially sweetened powdered drink mixes, which I have heard can be bad for me. Should I stop drinking these products?

Is Eating Fish Every Day Safe?

I live in a retirement home and eat fish every day: salmon on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and tuna the other days. Is this good for me or should I cut down?

Why Does Sugar-Free Gum Cause Gas and Bloating?

Why do I get gas and bloating from sugar-free gum?


Unlocking Nutrients with Oils

Raw orange, red, yellow, and dark green vegetables contain vitamin E and K as well as carotenoids, such as beta-carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A. Mixing a bit of healthy plant oils with your greens helps unlock fat-soluble nutrients. But how much oil do you need to drizzle on your salads to get that benefit?

Is Grazing Good for You?

Eating small amounts of food throughout the day (“grazing”), rather than taking in most of your calories in main meals and a few snacks, is associated with greater body mass index (BMI) in women and a poorer quality diet in both sexes, according to an Australian study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Get Up and Move Every 30 Minutes

The more time you spend physically inactive during the day, the greater your risk for a variety of health problems—a lot of research shows that. But a new observational study in Annals of Internal Medicine found that being sedentary is even more risky if a person is inactive for long, interrupted bouts of 30 minutes or longer.

Revised Nutrition Labels Delayed

As a result of a proposed schedule change by the FDA, shoppers will see two different types of Nutrition Facts labels on foods and dietary supplements—one old and one new—for about a year and a half. Large food makers were supposed to start using the updated design by July 2018; smaller companies had until July 2019.

Special Reports

Healthy Diet and Lifestyle to Sidestep Metabolic Syndrome —Subscribers Only

Three or more key factors add up to a higher risk for heart disease and diabetes. But healthy nutrition and exercise reverse the trend.