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October 2017

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Keeping Your Arteries Young

It's common to develop significantly stiffer arteries and high blood pressure as we age past our 50s. Healthy lifestyle factors may go a long way toward slowing this process. A new study published in Hypertension suggests healthy vascular (blood vessel) aging may be possible even in people 70 years and older.

Cinnamon and Blood Sugar —Subscribers Only

Cinnamon has long done double duty in cooking and as a folk remedy for various ailments. Today, scientists are studying cinnamon to see if it improves blood sugar, particularly in type 2 diabetes.

Drink Coffee, Live Longer? —Subscribers Only

Some people view coffee as a guilty pleasure. But, research suggests drinking coffee may actually have some health benefits. That evidence includes two new, large observational studies of diverse populations published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Both found drinking coffee was associated with a modestly (less than 20%) reduced risk of dying from various conditions, compared to not drinking coffee.

Better Brown-Bag Lunches —Subscribers Only

Depending on what you pack in lunches for yourself or family members, you may not do better nutritionally than the cafeterias or eateries you're passing up. Studies suggest it's common for kids' packed lunches to be low in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and dairy products.

Ask Tufts Experts

Does Peeling Carrots Remove Nutrients?

Q. Is it true that most of a carrot's nutrients are in or just below the skin, so it shouldn't be peeled?

Is Lemon-Lime Soda Bad for You?

Does lemon-lime soda count as one of the sugar-sweetened beverages we’re advised to limit? Lemon-lime makes it sound a little healthier.

Q. Are nutrients lost by rinsing canned beans?

Q. Are nutrients lost by rinsing canned beans?


Beating Food Cravings

Do foods like cake, cookies and potato chips seem to call your name when you're on a weight-loss diet? It may help to cut out such foods completely, say the authors of a new study in the journal Obesity.

Weight Gain in Younger Adults Linked to Increased Health Risks Later

Small, gradual weight gain during early and middle adulthood may get little attention since it doesn't necessarily cause health problems in our younger years. But, it may have serious consequences later in life.

Diet Quality May Impact Belly & Liver Fat

Eating a higher-quality diet may lead to a more favorable body fat distribution, says Gertraud Maskarinec, MD, PhD, an epidemiologist at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center, who recently coauthored a study on the topic published in the journal Obesity.

Lowered School Lunch Standards

Healthier school meals have been in place for five years. But, the government recently relaxed a few Obama-era rulings for the federally-funded National School Lunch Program.

Special Reports

The Link Between Your Walking Pace and Aging Well —Subscribers Only

Walking may seem like a pretty simple activity. But, several different parts of your body are involved, like your heart, lungs, nerves, muscles and bones. So, your walking pace may slow if you're having a problem in one or more of these parts of the body.