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NewsBites September 2016 Issue

What's "Healthy"? Experts, Public Diverge

What nutritionists think is healthy and what the average American considers good for you don’t always align, according to a Morning Consult survey for the New York Times. The survey asked 2,000 ordinary Americans and 672 members of the American Society for Nutrition to rate the healthfulness of 52 foods. Nutritionists scored quinoa, tofu, sushi, hummus, wine and shrimp higher than the general public, who were more likely to say granola bars, coconut oil, frozen yogurt, granola cereal, diet "shakes" and orange juice are healthy. Many of the foods rated healthier by the public, the Times noted, contain a lot of added sugar. Both groups agreed on some healthy choices, including apples, oranges, oatmeal, chicken, turkey and peanut butter.

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