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NewsBites August 2015 Issue

Consumers Rate Food Preservatives and Chemicals as “Most Harmful”

Food manufacturers and franchises that are abandoning artificial preservatives and chemical additives are in sync with (or perhaps influencing) Americans’ attitudes, according to a new survey by CivicScience. The poll of 4,200 US consumers found worries about preservatives and chemicals in food topping all other concerns, including those with stronger scientific underpinnings. While 35% cited preservatives and chemicals when asked, “Which of these do you feel is most harmful to your nutritional health?,” only 15% said saturated fat and 13% said total sugar. Those were followed by sodium (9%), added sugar (8%), GMOs (7%) and “carbs” (4%). Another 9% picked, “I don’t see any of these as harmful to my health.”

US dietary guidelines have recommended limiting saturated fat, added sugar, sodium and carbohydrates from refined grains, while making no mention of preservatives or chemical additives.

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