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Special Reports April 2015 Issue

Get Your Fiber Fix

Although whole grains are generally a good source of fiber, they are far from the only way to boost your fiber intake. Other high-fiber foods include:

- Beans (navy, pinto, black, kidney, white, great northern, lima, soybeans)

- Ready-to-eat bran cereal

- Split peas, lentils, chickpeas, cowpeas or green peas

- Artichoke hearts

- Pears

- Raspberries, blackberries

- Sweet potato

- Prunes

- Figs and dates

- Apple

- Pumpkin

- Greens (spinach, collards, turnip greens)

- Almonds

- Banana

- Orange

- Guava

- Potato

- Winter squash

- Parsnips

- Broccoli

- Okra

One serving is generally 1/2 cup for fruits, legumes and other vegetables or one medium fruit, one small potato, 1/4 dried fruit, or 1 ounce nuts. —USDA

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