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Articles April 2015 Issue

Take Charge!

Engaging in enough daily physical activity to burn about 100 calories can be the difference between a high-risk sedentary lifestyle and being “moderately inactive.” Of course, you’ll want to aim for a greater level of activity over time, but just getting going can pay big dividends. Here are examples of activities that burn about 100 calories, depending on your weight, in about 20 minutes:

- Walking briskly

- Gardening

- Lawn mowing with a power mower

- Playing tennis doubles

- Raking leaves

- Roller-skating

- Shooting baskets

- Washing and waxing a large car

Can’t spare 20 minutes? These more strenuous activities burn about 100 calories in 15 minutes:

- Dancing fast

- Hiking

- Ice-skating

- Lifting weights

- Using a push mower

- Splitting wood

- Treading water

- Walking uphill

- Using a stair-climber


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