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NewsBites March 2015 Issue

Dietitians Pick Top Trends

Trends to watch in nutrition-driven consumer choices this year will include growing popularity for seeds and nuts, green tea and “ancient grains” such as amaranth, quinoa, spelt and freekah, according to a survey of 500 registered dietitians. The survey, conducted for the journal Today’s Dietitian, predicted that consumers will eat less red meat and continue to turn away from low-fat diets. Kale and coconut will remain popular based on their perceived health benefits (accurate for kale, less so for coconut), as will healthy choices like Greek yogurt and avocado. The dietitians also predicted consumers will keep trying gluten-free and wheat-free diets to lose weight (rather than out of genuine need, as in celiac-disease patients), despite a lack of evidence supporting such regimens for weight loss, while the so-called “Paleo diet” will gain in popularity. Also on the rise: misinformation about nutrition, fueled in part by the Internet.

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