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NewsBites February 2015 Issue

Egg Consumption Projected at Eight-Year High

The “incredible, edible egg” is back ruling the roost, with US consumption expected to hit an eight-year high—almost back to the level of 2006, before concerns over cholesterol caused a slump. The American Egg Board reports that consumers have added 10 eggs per capita since 2011, cracking an estimated 257.9 eggs per person per year in 2014. Overall egg production was up 3% over 2013.

An industry spokesperson credited the “protein craze” for rising egg consumption—one large egg contains more than six grams of protein—and noted that eggs have taken some of the place at breakfast left by the decline in ready-to-eat cereal purchases. Health-conscious consumers have also become more aware that the dietary cholesterol in eggs—186 milligrams in one large egg—is not a key contributor to unhealthy blood cholesterol levels. A 2013 meta-analysis published in BMJ found no association between greater egg consumption and increased risk of heart disease or stroke.

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