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NewsBites January 2015 Issue

Fat Choices Better But Still Fall Short

Results from the Minnesota Heart Survey, spanning nearly 30 years and encompassing 12,526 participants, show some progress in healthier fat consumptionóbut still a long way to go. Published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, the study reported that consumption of trans fat and saturated fat has dropped. Overall trans fat intake fell about a third, but is still about double the target of less than 1% of calories set by the Heart Association in 2006. Saturated-fat intake fell from 13.7% of total calories to 11.4% for men and from 13.5% to 11.4% for women. Thatís still above the 10% maximum recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and far more than the Heart Associationís 5%-6% goal.

Consumption of heart-healthy omega-3 fats (EPA and DHA) didnít increase in women and rose only slightly for EPA among men. Combined intake was less than half the 250 milligrams per day recommended by the Dietary Guidelines.

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