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NewsBites October 2014 Issue

Snack Makers Opt for “Stealth” Sodium Reduction

Responding to health concerns and anticipated voluntary sodium-reduction targets from the FDA, many food companies are cutting down on the salt in their products. But salty-snack producers aren’t boasting about such steps for fear of alienating potential customers, according to the Tate & Lyle market-research firm. Overall, the percentage of new US products making label claims about sodium reduction has risen from 2.1% in 2010 to 4.5% in 2014. “Stealth” sodium reductions far exceed overt changes, however, according to Tate & Lyle’s Nancy Gaul, especially in the snack-food aisle. Only 2% of new products in crackers, potato chips and tortilla chips feature such claims, with packagers preferring softer language such as “a hint of salt.”

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