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Healthy Mind

Understanding how our brain functions is related to what we eat is an emerging area of fascinating scientific discovery. Learn how certain foods and nutrients affect cognition, and get the facts about brain-boosting foods such as green tea and dark chocolate so you can live the most mentally healthy lifestyle possible for years to come.

Smart Fat Choices Protect Your Brain

Eating fish, olive oil and nuts instead of red meat and butter might be a menu plan for protecting your memory. Besides calories, a key difference between those dietary choices is the type of fats they contain.

August 2013 — To reduce risk of cognitive decline, consume more omega-3s and unsaturated oils, fewer foods high in saturated fat. Smart fat choices have long been known to be important for protecting your heart. But increasingly scientists are discovering that the right fats can also protect your brain—while too much saturated fat can increase your risk for cognitive impairment.

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